Artist's statement and News
My wish is to have peace, Joy, abundance and full self expression thriving in the world.
I have always been drawn to the sheer joy and sensuousness of color, how the intense presence of color can arouse any
number of moods, stir sensations, instigate memories and stimulate consciousness.
My explorations of still life for the past five years could be called “a search for the secret life of things”.
Objects are carefully selected for their color, shape and association and are set in multiple light sources to heighten and
modify the intensity of the image and emphasize the lyric influence of color.
I observe and speculate on what the auras of different living things are and how to create a luminous “shimmer” in the
viewer’s eye.  
My aim is to construct vibrant compositions of color that rekindle in the viewer a sense of joy peace and harmony in life.
Passionate Pears

The new studio is now open to visitors
by appointment
on Orrs Island maine 04066
Phone number is 207-833-2868
Still Life with Green Apple
24"x 24" acrylic on panel
$2000 framed