Artist's statement and News
My wish is to have peace, Joy, abundance and full self expression thriving in the world.

The studio is open to visitors
by appointment
on Orrs Island Maine 04066
Phone number is 207-833-2868
My paintings explore the power of color, the absolute joy of it, it's  intense
presence can touch emotions, and stimulate consciousness.
I am searching, working subconsciously, blending intuition and invention
in a synthesis unfolding a connection to something internal that speaks
of life. In this process I investigate new color relationships, intensifying
energy patterns and simplifying form to express a joyous mystery.
I am concerned with discovery in my work, and naming each composition
is part of this creative process, sometimes the name comes first; when I
am inspired by a dream, an emotion, a concept or an element from one
of my other paintings that I want to explore, sometimes the name
coalesces as I work and the painting takes on a life of its own; upon
stepping back from a piece the name becomes apparent and essentially
names itself. I try not to get in the way.
.                                                        Robert J. Gibson
My work can be currently seen at :

the UMVA group exhibit in Portland

the River Arts Gallery,Damariscotta

the Stable Gallery,Dameriscotta